Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It? (Scam Alert)
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Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It? (Scam Alert)

Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It? (Scam Alert)

Are data science bootcamps worth it, or are they simply a SCAM? Today we’ll go through the pros and cons of data science bootcamps so you understand a little bit about what they are and whether they're the right thing for you.

What is a Data Science Bootcamp?

A data science bootcamp is an intensive course in data science that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on the reputation of the place that has the course and where in the world you do it. At the end of the Intensive bootcamp you typically get a certificate in data science. These bootcamps are typically geared towards beginners who are completely new to data science now, saying that people that are used to coding before doing data science or have some sort of math background might have a slightly easier time picking up the subjects.  

PROS of DS Bootcamp

1) Data science bootcamps are intensive and immersive due to the condensed time frame. The content has to be more practical than theoretical, and the end goal of these boot camps is to help you get your job which means that they're laser-focused on providing you with as much value as you can get within a short amount of time.

2) Most bootcamps will provide you with personalised networking and career advice. As I mentioned, bootcamps are geared towards getting your job as quickly as possible, so most bootcamps will go the extra mile to set up networking and Industry events to help you meet professionals out in the field so not only are you going to be doing a practical data science related work, you'll also be meeting people that are in the field doing what you hope to be doing after the boot camp. Now, this is a great way of networking, getting your foot in the door, and getting first job opportunities. Along with that, a lot of these bootcamps will also help you improve your resume so that you're putting the best foot forward when you're applying for jobs.

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Cons of a DS Bootcamp & Setting your salary expectations ($$$)

1) Bootcamps tend to be very expensive. For example, the general assembly data science immersive course costs you about 17,500 dollars for a three-month bootcamp. This is more than doing a master's for the same amount of time.

2) Even after doing the three-month course, you'll be getting a certificate, and whether or not any employer recognizes that certificate is really up to them now if you're someone that's switching fields into data science and looking to get your foot in the door in the industry, I'd recommend doing a masters rather than a boot camp especially if you like a more structured and slower way of learning, but if you think you can handle the intensity of a boot camp as well as having some stem background, to begin with, you might find it a bit easier finding a job off the back of a bootcamp.

3) They can often be deceiving. A lot of bootcamps will like to market their course as generating graduates that are getting six-figure job offers at Amazon or Google, so before you go ahead, I just want to make it clear that that is not a realistic expectation out of any Bootcamp.

Places like Google and Amazon are extremely competitive to get a job in, and you'll be competing with the top graduates out of the top degree programs across the whole world, so you can imagine it's a very stiff competition when you're comparing your qualification with the Bootcamp versus theirs but in saying that it's totally possible to get six-figure job offers after you've gained a bit of experience, but it's rather unrealistic to expect that right out the door so just want to set your expectations straight before you decide to do any Bootcamp under the pretence of getting a six-figure job offers.

The best DS bootcamps

Let's talk a little bit about what are the most popular data science bootcamps out there.

1) The General Assembly data science immersive bootcamp

2) Brain Station Online data science bootcamp (accessible to you from anywhere around the world)

3) FlatIron School data science bootcamp

4) ThinkFul data science bootcamp

Conclusion - Are DS bootcamps worth it?

The final question really is, are these science boot camps actually worth it and as all answers to questions like this, it really depends on your personal circumstances. For some people, it's a great idea; for others, not so much if you're someone that enjoys the Intensive way of learning, focusing on practical things and have previous coding or stem knowledge, you might have a good time doing data science boot camps but if you're someone that is completely new to the industry has been in a very much a non-stem degree you might consider doing a master's program instead of a bootcamp because a three-month bootcamp might not be enough to give you the foundations you need to seek a job in the data science Industry.

But as a first step, if you find yourself interested in data science, I would recommend you use all the freely available resources out there. A couple of months ago, I created a video about a three-month data science roadmap, so I'd seriously consider you checking that out before you take the leap into paying for something like a data science bootcamp or master's degree because it makes no sense to do those if you're not interested in the subject in the first place.

That's it for this blog hope you learned a little bit more about data science bootcamps and whether or not it's the right option for you. If you liked the blog, share it with your friends and family. And if you'd like to know more about the topics discussed today. Thanks for tuning in.

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